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How to Re-arrange Your Space when Traveling

Whether you‘re on the road or quarantined at home, you can always introduce Feng Shui into your space. Maybe the hotel room or Airbnb you‘re staying in doesn‘t spark life and inspiration in your heart. Maybe your home away from home is too cluttered, or there‘s…

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A letter to myself

Do you ever wonder how your life would turn out if you could give your past self some advice on what course to take, what decision to make, when to trust your intuition, and when just to believe in yourself? I used to ask myself this…

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Growing a business with spirituality?

If you want to grow a business and you love to use Spiritual principles in your life, there‘s something you need to be aware of. Watch out for the idea that praying and meditating alone will bring you success. Don‘t think that you can sit on your meditation…

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