Danijela Saponjic Feng Shui und Spacehealing Danijela Saponjic Feng Shui und Spacehealing


Unfolding Space

Unfolding Space is a gateway to discovering your purpose and experiencing passion in everything you do. The journey begins by designing your space within, then moving outwards to your life and beyond – activating the energy for business, personal, and relationship success.

I will guide you to go further than the typical Feng Shui energy work, helping you unfold and unlock your inner and outer space’s true potential – elevating your life to the next level.

I Am Danijela

I am Danijela Saponjic, a Feng Shui and SpaceHealing Master. Changemakers seek me out for guidance as they move towards their next-level energy shift. My genius is to see the energy aligned with their path and help them to unlock their true brilliance and potential.

I am also the founder of the School of Spiritual Design. Created to educate, train, and certify individuals in the art and practice of Feng Shui and SpaceHealing, helping students to build their passion and purpose-driven businesses worldwide.

My  Offerings
Unfolding Space Feng Shui Schule

SpaceActivation Training

Start your journey into the world of Feng Shui & SpaceHealing with our SpaceActivation Training, a 6-Month Training & Activation. The Energy of Your Space Can Transform Your Life…Let a Feng Shui Master Show You HOW.

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Unfolding Space Mentoring
Unfolding Space Mentoring

Unfolding Space Blog

Stay updated with the latest blog posts on how to unfold your precious space with Feng Shui and Space Healing. Learn how mindset changes will set you up for leading a truly free and happy life.

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Unfolding Space Feng Shui Beratung
Modernes Haus mit Pool nach einer Feng Shui Beratung

Feng Shui Consultation

Your Feng Shui consultation is about meeting your needs and creating an atmosphere where you feel welcome. A place where you can fully be yourself – completely relax and let go. Through this change alone, you will attract success like a magnet.

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Space Healing Beratung

Space Healing Consultation

It is all about personal dynamism and flowing forward. There’s nothing like living and working in an environment where you feel your mind sharpen and your body relaxes each time you return. During a SpaceHealing consultation, we will clear the energy of your surrounding space to bring clarity and empowerment back to your life.

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Unlocking The Power Of Your Home

Receive your free Guide to Activating Feng Shui for New Opportunities and Personal Success.

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Unfolding Space & Unboxing Life

We take you beyond every day so that you can dream up your tomorrow.

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Activating Space

Stay updated with the latest blog posts on how to unfold your precious space with Feng Shui and Space Healing. Learn how mindset changes will set you up for leading a truly free and happy life.

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lucky ones

Would you know that I’ve been hmm’ing and haww’ing for over a year going back-and-forth on whether to make certain renovations to my restaurant… wondering if it’s the right thing to do? if it will be worth the expense?

Just in this one afternoon, with Danijela I got so much clarity on which ideas to move forward with, which would actually work against my long-term goals, plus new ideas that I hadn’t even considered. I came with a list of very actionable items for how I could improve the workflow and enhance the prosperity of my restaurant space, and I was delighted by what immediate results I got.

Danijela couldn’t have come at a better time, I adore her calm collected presence and her incredible knowing spirit. It’s so cool how she comes from a totally spirit-driven esoteric place with incredibly practical advice.

I just have to say thank you, Danijela, for the curiosity that you’ve sparked in me and the light you’ve brought to my life.

Leanne Valenti
Austin, TX

I still celebrate every day by working independently, dividing my day freely, and processing my orders when I want. It makes me happy again and again. I look forward to my work every morning.

I am very grateful to Danijela for always saying: “do it, jump, trust”.

It was very useful for me to learn how to best support customers during my training. Received great feedback today from people who can recharge their batteries at home in their rooms. What could be nicer?

Friederike Rollmann
Testimonial Friederike Rollmann

This training was the most enriching training for me! I couldn’t have imagined before how much I’ve grown within this framework. This training has made me more self-confident and more mature than my professional training. There have been completely new possibilities and so much lightness in my life. Before the apprenticeship, it was not clear to me what and where I wanted to go. My wish was that Feng Shui should become part of my life. In the many books I had read on the subject, I found conflicting information and had many questions. Danijela could do this with her
answer for me.
Why did I choose this training? When we called, the chemistry was just right! Danijela has created such a wonderful, familiar environment – this has resulted in lasting friendships to this day.


“If you had told me a few years ago what I am doing today, I would have said no!” How did you come across Danijela? “I just found her appealing. Her book, in particular, was decisive for me, I got so many tips, and after our conversation, I just knew she was the right person.” Heike, what would you advise someone who is considering working with Danijela? “MAKE!!!”

Heike Steuermann

The training gave me the impulse to look at my life, change something, and take on more responsibility. I wanted to do something with interest and joy, just something for me, and I listened to my intuition. After that, a new world opened up: what doesn’t fit anymore? What can I change so that I see more meaning in what I do and work with joy again? During the apprenticeship, I quit and built up my company. Feng Shui is a school of life, and it triggers so many topics.

Florine Schmidt
Testimonial Florine Schmidt

During the training, I acquired four paid Feng Shui consultations and sold the first Business Feng Shui consultation immediately after graduation. Although I had neither a website nor a social media strategy and my attitude at the beginning of the apprenticeship was more about getting one or the other job. How could I achieve that? I took the impulses that I received from Danijela to heart and shared my enthusiasm about what I do.

Stefanie Kovacic
Testimonial Stefanie Kovacic

By working with Danijela, my husband and I have found our niche and are looking forward to everything that comes our way! When I started my training, I was longing for my former energy, I was often tired, exhausted, and demotivated. Feng Shui and the associated magic had interested me for a long time; I just wanted a change in life. I found her through the personal recommendation of a friend who had read one of Danijela’s books. What am I grateful to Danijela for? I have more life energy, more motivation, more willingness to make decisions, and above all, I am back on my path in life.

How would you describe the certification with 3 words:
super flexible / uncomplicated / energizing

Ariane Frey

The training was a heart decision, and the biggest result is that I now listen to my intuition more. We have an excellent tool kit to start with. I am happy to have learned sooo much and to accompany people on their way with this knowledge. I was also fascinated by the transformation that each of us was able to experience in our own way.
The reason I signed up for the apprenticeship was the search and the desire for more meaning, more joy, more ease, and change. Where this path would lead me was completely open. I wanted to invite something new into my life with Feng Shui.

Katja Schwarz-Vukovic

The training made it possible for me to go my way with my friends with SeelenRaumDesign and thus contribute to a peaceful and healthy world.
It was an exhilarating feeling to really enjoy learning for the first time. At the same time, I was challenged, which of course, led to my personal development. A key aspect of this was Danijela’s encouragement to develop an own self-acquired Feng Shui project for the completion of the training. I thank Danijela for her very personal ART of teaching.

Alexander Stransky
Testimonial Alexander Stransky