Danijela Saponjic Feng Shui und Spacehealing Danijela Saponjic Feng Shui und Spacehealing
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Discover the hidden potential in the connection between you and your space. It is time to unfold the possibilities that await.

Unfolding Space

Unfolding Space is a gateway to discovering your purpose and experiencing passion in everything you do. The journey begins by designing your space within, then moving outwards to your life and beyond – activating the energy for business, personal, and relationship success.

I will guide you to go further than the typical Feng Shui energy work, helping you unfold and unlock your inner and outer space’s true potential – elevating your life to the next level.

Who I Am

I am Danijela Saponjic, a Feng Shui and SpaceHealing Master. Changemakers seek me out for guidance as they move towards their next-level energy shift. My genius is to see the energy aligned with their path and help them to unlock their true brilliance and potential.

I am also the founder of the School of Spiritual Design. Created to educate, train, and certify individuals in the art and practice of Feng Shui and SpaceHealing, helping students to build their passion and purpose-driven businesses worldwide.

My  Offerings
Unfolding Space Feng Shui Schule

School of Spiritual Design

Our Feng Shui and SpaceHealing Certification reconnects you to your purpose and passion for design, space, and spirituality. We help you activate your spiritual gifts whilst supporting you on your journey towards inner growth and attaining your personal goals.

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Mentoring. Redefined.

Too much business is conducted strategically, and we tend to neglect the creative power within us, waiting to be activated. When you enter this newly defined and shaped mentoring field, you’ll activate your power of creation for your next-level energy shift and ease into a field of new possibilities.

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Unfolding Space Feng Shui Beratung

Feng Shui Consultation

Your Feng Shui consultation is about meeting your needs and creating an atmosphere where you feel welcome. A place where you can fully be yourself – completely relax and let go. Through this change alone, you will attract success like a magnet.

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Space Healing Beratung

Space Healing Consultation

It is all about personal dynamism and flowing forward. There’s nothing like living and working in an environment where you feel your mind sharpen and your body relaxes each time you return. During a SpaceHealing consultation, we will clear the energy of your surrounding space to bring clarity and empowerment back to your life.

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Tap into the field of unlimited possibility

Receive your free “Palaces of Life” Feng Shui guide. With this unique Feng Shui approach, you will unfold your inner and outer space and tap into this open potential.

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Unfolding Space & Unboxing Life

We take you beyond every day so that you can dream up your tomorrow.

Unfolding Space Blog

Activating Space

Stay updated with the latest blog posts on how to unfold your precious space with Feng Shui and Space Healing. Learn how mindset changes will set you up for leading a truly free and happy life.

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