Danijela Saponjic Feng Shui und Spacehealing Danijela Saponjic Feng Shui und Spacehealing
About me

I am here to unbox lives and align your environment with your life and vision.

The Story So Far

At 25, I thought following what society told me was right would lead to a secure life. I had just graduated from college and was about to start my career, but I felt like I was missing out on something more from life. So, I took a massive leap of faith, abandoned my plan to start a “normal” life, and instead chose an unconventional path. This path led to self-discovery and diving deep into the wisdom of Feng Shui. I activated my genius, which is reading and understanding the energy of people and spaces.Then finally, I founded my school of Spiritual Design in 2013 – to provide training in Feng Shui and help students connect with their intuition and creativity. And now, as a Feng Shui Consultant, I help clients go beyond Feng Shui and start unfolding their hidden potential.

Who We Are

Unfolding Space is an organization that trains Feng Shui experts, and helps them reconnect to their original purpose, space, and spirituality. We also activate their spiritual gifts and build their passion and purpose-driven businesses. This includes entrepreneurs, professionals, and anyone who wants to create more abundance, health, and happiness in their lives.

Our approach is simple: We teach you how to use the principles of Feng Shui to create an environment that supports your success. And we provide all the tools and resources you need to design a life and business that aligns with your authentic self.

My School of Spiritual Design offers in-depth instruction in the art and science of Feng Shui and guidance in personal growth and self-discovery. Students learn to create harmonious living spaces that support their physical, emotional, and spiritual health and wellbeing.

Unboxing Schriftzug

“Matter is spirit moving slowly enough to be seen.”

Teilhard de Chardin
Unfolding Space Logo
Elefanten repräsentieren Stärke und Zusammenhalt

Why We Do What We Do

At Unfolding Space, we believe that everyone has the potential to create a life and business they love. We believe that Feng Shui is a philosophy of life and more than just a way to arrange furniture or decorate a room. It’s a way to create balance and harmony in our lives and connect with the natural world around us. That’s why we offer online certification in Feng Shui and provide support and resources to help you build a purpose-driven spiritual business.

Our Core Values

• To help clients understand the energy of people and spaces.
• To help clients create more balance and harmony in their lives.
• Read and interpret Feng Shui symbols and energy patterns.
• Offer advice on how to improve the energy flow in a space.
• Learn ancient Feng Shui wisdom and the Laws of Nature.

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