Danijela Saponjic Unfolding Space Beratung, Consultation Feng Shui Danijela Saponjic Unfolding Space Beratung. Consultation Feng Shui

Consultation SpaceHealing


It is all about activating energy.

There’s nothing like living and working in an environment where you feel your mind sharpen and your body relaxes each time you return. However, maybe you’ve had the opposite experience… being in an environment where you never feel “quite right”, you struggle to focus and relax, and somehow things often don’t work out as they are supposed to. The frustration begins, and the cycle continues…

That’s where SpaceHealing comes in…

After many years of working and training in the world of Feng Shui, I always seemed to come across this same issue. Even when the Feng Shui, design, location, and everything else seemed perfect – many of my clients still reported not feeling at ease in their beautiful homes. I knew I had to find a way of helping these people to transition to a better place within their space! Therefore, I developed the SpaceHealing method, a technique that clears the energy and brings clarity and empowerment back to your space and life. It is all about activating energy!

benefits of

Feeling Happier and Healthier in Your Home!
After completing a SpaceHealing, clients reported feeling a sense of freedom and lightheartedness and increased ease and confidence in their daily lives.

Opens You Up to New Opportunities
SpaceHealing frees up “stuck” or negative energies and welcomes fresh, healing energy and new opportunities for your life, relationships, health, finances, and more!

Transforms Your Home Into a True Oasis
Your home should fill you with energy and recharge your batteries daily; this is one of the simplest and most profound benefits of SpaceHealing. You WILL feel the difference!

Rent or Sell Your Property Faster
When a property is on the market for an extended time, often it’s because there’s something deeper going on. SpaceHealing can restore harmony to the space, so it rents or sells quickly.

How does SpaceHealing work?

The healing focuses on clearing the land under your home of disruptive energy. Think of it like this… In most cases, you are not the first person who has lived in your home or apartment. If you could take a slice of the earth and look at each layer, you would find traces and remnants of each generation of people who lived there before. For all you know, there was once a hospital, a school, a cemetery, or even a church on the land where your home now stands.

With each generation, the land absorbs and accumulates the energy of what has occurred in the past. People celebrate birthdays, marriages, and parties. People get sick, struggle, and mourn – with each of these experiences, the land absorbs this energy. So, if you’re living in a home where something feels “off,” or perhaps since you moved, your energy and motivation seem low – there is a good chance the energy of the land on which your home stands needs addressing.

SpaceHealing is the tool that will allow you to shift and clear that energy so that a sense of freedom and light-heartedness returns to your life and home..

curious about spacehealing?

Let’s find out if a SpaceHealing is right for your home or business.

Everything is Energy

Did you know that research has shown that talking and playing music for them can help them grow?

Similarly, was Dr Masaru Emoto’s research on the impact of language on water crystals. This experiment showed that water crystals increased their beauty and perfection when exposed to positive language.

Each of these examples plays to the same principle used in SpaceHealing. When you nurture the space and the land on which it sits, you will begin to shift the vibration. And when the vibration shifts, your home will start to support you.

SpaceHealing – Before and After

One of my clients decided to test the water crystal theory for themselves. We sent water samples gathered from their home to a well-known laboratory in Switzerland taken before and after a SpaceHealing. Here you can see the incredible results, displaying the energy of the space before and after the healing took place. As you can see, the crystal before the healing was shadowy and unclear in shape. After the healing, the crystal was shining brightly and was beautifully shaped.

Wasserprobe vor einem Spacehealing mit Danijela Saponjic
Before SpaceHealing
Wasserprobe nach einem Spacehealing mit Danijela Saponjic
After SpaceHealing

Healing Your Property

When you sign up for a SpaceHealing with Danijela, you receive a full-service experience that will transform the energy of your home or business with more power and clarity.

Phase 1: Preparation

In preparation for the SpaceHealing, I will ask if you can send me the property map and the real estate floor plan/blueprint for the property’s ground floor. After reviewing these, I will then go through a checklist of 300 possible “Stress Fields” the property could have – and tune in energetically to determine if they exist on your property and their exact location. This is where the healing begins.

The Stress Fields act like meridian points on your body (such as when you receive acupuncture), freeing up stuck energy within these pivotal sites. For example, if I find there was once a graveyard on the land underneath your property, I will mark the location on a map. Similarly, I will begin to harmonize the Stress Fields on your property to bring them back into balance.

Phase 2: SpaceHealing Ceremony

When I arrive at your property for the SpaceHealing ceremony, I’ll bring a detailed map of the Stress Fields found during Phase 1. This acts as a kind of checklist to navigate through the healing process. I’ll also bring materials to support the ceremony and help you create a unique heart point altar for your home (semi-precious stones, incense, etc.).

Your ceremony may include some or all of the following…

  • LandHealing for the property & SpaceClearing of all accessible spaces.
  • Activation of various Power Spots (such as the heart point, prosperity, longevity, health, partnership, etc.) on the property and within the building.
  • Energetic anchoring of the building for additional stability (if necessary).
  • Placement and activation of a “backing” for the property. A solid backing helps to hold the wealth and abundance in your life.
  • Activation of nature (e.g., trees) on the property, to restore abundance of nature.

Once the ceremony is complete, we will have a conversation to discuss the healing and how you can ease into the “adjustment period” as the energies are re-calibrating in the space.

Phase 3: Follow-Up

Within a week after your SpaceHealing ceremony, you’ll receive a complete map of your property, marking the location of all significant Power Spots – along with instructions on how to enhance these supportive energies. If you have any additional questions, we can schedule a follow-up call to discuss them within 30 days after your ceremony.

curious about spacehealing?

Let’s find out if a SpaceHealing is right for your home or business.

love notes

I want to thank you for the wonderful Feng Shui advice, exterior design, and SpaceHealing of my new recreation center. I appreciate your work, planning, and support; it helped me greatly develop my project’s vision. I wanted my guests and staff to feel comfortable contributing to the business’s success. I will incorporate your Feng Shui knowledge and advice into all new projects on the way to realization.

Marco Spitzenberger
Royal GmbH Managing Director
Testimonial Maren Göttle

Our conversation with Danijela was profoundly inspiring. Once we got home, we implemented the suggestions she gave us step by step — and we were AMAZED by the results. We got exactly what we were looking for. Our home has never felt so alive. Danijela’s authenticity comes through in her work. It is a pleasure to listen to her and to talk with her about the life-changing power of Feng Shui. I highly encourage others to work with Danijela. If you are on the fence… go for it!

testimonial Daniela L.

Repeatedly, I look on in amazement and gratitude at what has positively developed and is still developing within our family since our Feng Shui consultation and country healing. When I contacted Ms Saponjic, we were in a difficult phase of life. Serious illness and exhaustion were a formative image of our everyday life. When I entered the house after the space clearing, I immediately noticed this absolute lightness in all rooms.

After the consultation, calm and serenity have returned to our lives continuously and steadily. In terms of health, things went uphill, and new opportunities have opened up for me. I started training again with great pleasure and a sense of accomplishment. A comment from my neighbour sums up the success of these new measures. She visited us and didn’t know anything about counselling or SpaceHealing at the time. She said, “What have you been doing? It feels so light and beautiful here with you!!

Sabine Abler
Testimonial Sabine Abler

Would you know that I’ve been hmm’ing and haww’ing for over a year going back-and-forth on whether to make certain renovations to my restaurant… wondering if it’s the right thing to do? if it will be worth the expense?

Just in this one afternoon, with Danijela I got so much clarity on which ideas to move forward with, which would actually work against my long-term goals, plus new ideas that I hadn’t even considered. I came with a list of very actionable items for how I could improve the workflow and enhance the prosperity of my restaurant space, and I was delighted by what immediate results I got.

Danijela couldn’t have come at a better time, I adore her calm collected presence and her incredible knowing spirit. It’s so cool how she comes from a totally spirit-driven esoteric place with incredibly practical advice.

I just have to say thank you, Danijela, for the curiosity that you’ve sparked in me and the light you’ve brought to my life.

Leanne Valenti
Austin, TX