Feng Shui Your Office

Feng Shui Your Office For Success and Happiness

Feng Shui is often associated with business success, which is certainly justified. However, the deeper purpose of Feng Shui in the work environment is to create a space in which you can live and work in harmonized balance and abundance.

Before implementing Feng Shui in your office, you should free yourself and your space of unnecessary baggage. Because nature follows its own law: it fills up empty spaces. So, make space for new projects, contacts and collaborations. This is how you create a healthy basis for your professional success.

Why declutter?

Try this exercise. In your mind, sit at a messy desk. If the desk isn’t full enough, pile up a few files. How does that feel? Probably tense and uneasy! Now, mentally wipe the whole pile away with one sweep. How do you feel now? Liberated? Relieved? Happy to work?

You WILL experience these feelings when you tidy up your desk in real life and not just in your mind. The piles of unfinished projects, files and scraps of paper literally drag us down mentally and energetically. They constantly occupy our vision and thoughts, and our focus is drawn to the array of mess instead of our goals! Then the feelings of frustration, agitation and heaviness creep in instead of clear, vibrant and positive energy to win new customers, start new projects and accomplish greatness!

If you don’t have time to declutter due to your workload, I suggest you invest a day of “me-time vacation”. On this day, you go to the office to declutter and tidy up. However, remember you are on vacation and unavailable to speak to anyone. This is your time to focus on you and your space. The PC stays off, and the answering machine stays on!


Did you know decluttering is one of the best therapies for worry, stress and anxiety? If you feel overwhelmed by the volume of space to clear in your office, just start with small areas like a drawer or a storage basket. You will see that once you start, the work will come naturally. Even tiny steps will bring you to your goal. You just have to begin!

Stay free!

To ensure that you really remain free of clutter, it is best to decide in advance what you want to do with your newly acquired space. Now, you have the opportunity and a fresh canvas to make your workplace “special” and create the energy you desire.

Keeping your desk paper free!

  • Replace your current wastepaper basket (which is often too small) with a larger one. This will help you dispose of excess paper quickly. Over time, you will become aware of how much paper you throw away daily and think more carefully about when you press the “print button”. And you’ll help declutter the planet and save some trees while at it!
  • If you work with a pinboard, only use it for current or relevant things. Anything completed or out of date should be disposed of immediately. Old energy doesn’t need to linger; it takes up space for the new!
  • Get out of the habit of writing down notes or reminders on those small sticky notes, as these clutter your mind and desktop and dissipate your energy. Get a bound notebook to record all your “to-do’s” in a structured manner. Then sign them off with a big ✅ as soon as you have completed them. The best part about this is that you will see that you ARE accomplishing things. And this feels GREAT!
  • If you receive, open and read a letter or email, respond immediately (if possible). File the answered letter/email or throw it away. This will automatically reduce the paper on your desk and remove one item from your to-do list. Tip: Inbox clutter is also draining. Create files and organize your inbox to refresh your focus.

Feng Shui for the workspace.

After creating a solid foundation for Feng Shui in your office, it is time to implement some powerful additional Feng Shui measures.

Feng Shui Your Office

Check the direction you are facing or sitting.

Are you looking at a wall or sitting with your back facing the door? It’s challenging to have a relaxed work environment in these positions. In front of your eyes, you have the proverbial “board in front of your face”, and behind you, someone could “stab you in the back”. That’s why the positioning of your desk is the key to professional success. Therefore, align the desk so you can see the doors and, if possible, the windows. Then, you can work with full attention and energetic flow.

A white, monotone and bare wall as a view prevents a good flow of ideas. In Feng Shui, the principle applies: “What you see is what you get!” Conversely: “Nothing comes from nothing!” If it’s impossible to change the direction of view, beautify the wall and open it up with a lively, picturesque scene to feel like you can see and move freely.

Your desk for success.

In business Feng Shui, the desk plays a central role in your success, which is why a wooden worktop is preferable to a glass desk. Wood is solid and symbolizes stability, wealth, health, prosperity, progress and expansion. Glass offers no sense of solidity or strength.

It’s best to avoid having tall or open cabinets behind your desk. These create a subconscious fear that something could fall from above‚ which can create inner unrest. If you have tall cabinets, try putting them behind closed doors (such as in a wardrobe). Otherwise, consider this an opportunity to refresh your furniture and choose something less imposing.

Good lighting is essential for healthy Qi.

Science agrees that natural sunlight is the best for humans, our eyes and our Qi (lifeforce). If your workplace doesn’t have sufficient daylight, you can switch to light sources similar to natural light. Good lighting promotes concentration and motivation. It makes us feel alive and vital. And last but not least, it prevents tired eyes and a tired mind…

Final words…

As a Feng Shui consultant, I have worked with many different office environments. I can confidently say that a tidy desk creates a clear mind, giving you a sharper view of new possibilities and visions. Clear space…opens pathways for renewed energy and abundance.

Don’t you think it’s time to bring a breath of fresh air to your workplace? Voltaire already said: “Paradise is where I am”. So, why not invite this into your office and work life?

By the way, the office is your Palace Of Wealth and Success; it’s a pivotal space for creating the life you desire. Download the FREE eBook “The Palaces of Life” today, and learn how to create a thriving Palace of Success. This powerful resource will help you to incorporate Feng Shui into your home naturally, encouraging an endless flow of peace and prosperity.

With this motto, I wish you a lot of fun clearing, refreshing and reorganizing your workspace. It’s time to welcome in the new and achieve your dreams!

Make your workspace work FOR you (and with you), not AGAINST you. 💓
With love and light,