Feng Shui Tips To Refresh For Spring

Feng Shui Tips To Refresh For Spring

Happy Spring, Everyone!

The change of seasons is always an excellent time for internal and external cleansing. Just as our bodies love it when we eliminate toxins and brighten our souls, our Spaces feel the same.

Spring, especially, is the perfect time for a reset and refresh!

Our souls lift with a new lightness as the cold days melt away with the sun’s smile shining down upon us. Spring awakens the spirit. The fog of winter has dispersed, and the time for renewal begins. As new growth emerges from the no longer dormant earth, our energy also starts to nudge its way back to the surface to flourish in the day’s warmth.

Why should our living spaces be any different?

The energy of winter is slow. The powers of nature have withdrawn, waiting for the warming sunbeams of Spring. This seasonal energy affects us and…our living spaces. We cannot escape the influence of nature because we are born from it and have a strong connection to it – even if we often do not notice it in everyday life.

During winter, we retreat into our homes to shelter from the environment, and it is a time to turn inward and nurture ourselves. Many of us hibernate during winter, so our living spaces can become a little disordered, cluttered and… a bit musty and messy. However, now it’s time to refresh. As the Spring returns to your step, your spaces can also begin to bounce—with a new vibrant vibration.

Feng Shui is all about developing a feeling, connection and instinct for your spaces and having an intuition about what they need. This approach gives you and your rooms more clarity and energy.

How To Bring Spring Into Your Home

Here are my 7 Spring tips to bring fresh and lively life energy into your rooms. These ideas will ensure that your spaces are set free and energized for the rest of the year to serve you in the best possible way.

Ok, let’s open those curtains and let the sunshine stream in!

Tip 1: Refresh indoor plants.


The dry air (from excess indoor winter heating) is challenging for our respiratory system and the plants in our apartments, houses, and offices. Treat the houseplants to a refreshing shower in the bathtub. Let the water sprinkle over them like gentle summer rain. After their cleansing rinse, they will be dust-free, regain energy, shine with a lush, beautiful greenness and improve the room’s air quality.

Tip 2: Next, your wardrobe needs to breathe too.


As soon as it gets warmer outside, it is time to adjust your clothing to the new season. I recommend transparent clothing boxes if you do not have a closet or basement for storing seasonal clothes. That scarf and cap will be easy to find when winter knocks on the door again. Now, it’s also the perfect time for some clothes “cleansing”! Any garments or accessories that no longer serve you—let them go. Create some new space and room for your wardrobe to breathe.

Tip 3: Winter is a sluggish season, time to bring in the color.


Support the “awakening” by bringing fresh and bright colors into your rooms—pastel tones of yellow, creamy white and bright green or turquoise radiate can add luminosity. Think Spring vitality; your rooms can bloom like new-season flowers! Fabrics and accessories offer numerous possibilities, e.g., curtains, pillows, blankets, pictures or plant pots.

Tip 4: Let the sun in.


Sunbeams have extraordinary energy, apart from the fact that our bodies need them to form Vitamin D. Clear the windowsills and move large plants out of the way. Pull the curtains. You will be amazed at how much brighter it will be in your apartment or home.

Tip 5: Wake the Qi out of hibernation!


In the past few months, the qi flowed more slowly, which slowed us down too. This sluggish vibration favors the accumulation of junk, which stagnates life force energy. You can remedy this by clearing clutter and removing the dust. The only thing you need is a big bag or a box. Go through the rooms of your home and collect everything that appears to you like junk. Just liberating the spaces from unnecessary baggage will make them breathe easy and get the Qi moving.

Tip 6: Create a Vision. It’s time for manifestation.


Spring is a time for the “new” to burst forth! Do you have a vision board? If not… it’s time to create one. This is the place to write down or put pictures depicting your wishes and goals—so you always have your vision of where you want to be in mind. With these shifts, you will notice a change in energy and focus. You are creating space for your dreams to become a reality.

Tip 7: Bring nature into the house.


Create natural and bright spaces–with fresh flowers! Bring in typical Spring flowers, dominated by white, yellow and orange. Aim for something happy and colorful on every table. Great side effect: Not only does this refresh your spaces with natural scents and color, but it also attracts Qi.

Now it’s your turn. If you implement a tip every day, within a week, you will hardly recognize your home and feel a new sense of energy and liveliness.

I wish you lots of fun with your Spring refresh, and may lightness enter your being and spaces at total capacity.

Danijela Saponjic