Success Through Giving In

Success Through Giving In

You know that feeling when you need to do something at a particular time? (Like getting a blog post written by a deadline!). However, sometimes when it comes to doing it, I just don’t feel inspired. I’m not in the mood to write, or the words just aren’t flowing. I feel stuck! 

The above is a situation everyone encounters at some point. So, how do I handle this when it comes up? Believe it or not, I give in! 

I give in to my intuition and follow the path it leads me on. Listening to your inner voice is essential! Because if you do this, the jobs you have to do and all the other nagging items on your to-do list – will become effortless, as they will come from the heart. 

When I began writing this blog, I changed my mindset from “needing” to do this – to giving in and enjoying the process. Therefore, I can now write in a relaxed mood and environment. Give in and turn what feels like a draining task into a passionate one! Find the fun again!

So, What Does “Success Through Giving In” Have To do With Feng Shui?

Feng Shui assists the Qi (the vital life energy) to flow seamlessly within rooms and spaces. The same principle applies to your body. This life energy is YOUR driving force. Acupuncture stimulates the Qi flow within the body. If you stiffen internally, your energy will become stagnant, and this positive flow will not continue in your life. When the qi-river stops, so does life! Don’t let this happen! 

Best wishes,