Successfully grow with Feng Shui

How To Successfully Grow with Feng Shui

I wrote three of my books whilst musing in cafés beside a beautiful lake close to Munich. 

Countless newsletters and blogs contain the words written with the overflowing energy of inspiration that this environment exudes. I am not exaggerating when I say: This is my happy place!

Recently, I returned to the lake, as it was time to dive deep into working on my new book. I realized that it was already a finished piece (in my head and heart) and needed to be born in the physical right now! But there was another reason; I wanted to balance my energy and refuel. I felt called to seek inspiration and to rest.

This year, a dream came true; my career took me to the USA for work for the first time. At first, I thought about cancelling the trip. I was curious, excited, (and, quite frankly) insecure! Fear gripped me, and my mind came up with a million reasons why it would be better to stay safe at home.

During this time of significant doubt, I listened to a podcast episode of a businesswoman sharing her story. Her words echoed my own thoughts and feelings in detail; one sentence jolted me awake. “It’s interesting how we humans are like that. First, we want growth, for business or pleasure, and when the opportunities come and growth starts, we are tempted to back down because it gets uncomfortable!” This was precisely how I felt! Very uncomfortable!

When I decided to take the opportunity to travel to the USA, something instantly sparked, and the inner growth immediately began. My mental processes, way of doing business, the communication of my work… EVERYTHING – felt new, unfamiliar, and uncomfortable. I would’ve liked to stick my head in the sand and wait until the “bad weather” passed.

But what then? This unique opportunity would be gone! I would be disappointed and have let down the incredible people who had worked hard to open my doors to the USA.

So, what was more important? My fear or the realization of my vision? When I decided to move forward in manifesting my dreams, my power and clarity returned – and my excitement! 

Was my fear gone? No. It wasn’t all sunshine and daisies from then on, by any means! 

However, my resistance was gone – so I no longer had to fight against myself. Instead, I could accept my new tasks, learn, and stretch my comfort zone to the point of bursting.


Here is The Feng Shui Connection:

In my Feng Shui consultations, success and growth are often central themes. We ask, how can this space support my growth? What can I do to make my dreams come true? What should be changed so that the cash flow – flows with ease and abundance?

Sometimes I wish there were simple answers, such as setting up a well in the southeast corner (the wealth position). Then, the water of the well (linked to the flow of prosperity) – would bring personal success to its maximum flow. And voilà, done! 

Don’t get me wrong; the well does help, as water is one of the essential elements in Feng Shui -because it’s an excellent attractor of Qi. But it’s not always that simple. 

The questions I always ask my customers in this case, and that I would now like to pass on to you, are:


What are YOU doing to increase prosperity?

Do you have a new project?

Have you improved your marketing?

Are you being coached for growth? 

Which growth strategy are you pursuing? 

How can Feng Shui support you?


Or another example: Relationships.

Often, my clients wish for a partner or harmony in their current partnership. In this situation, from the Feng Shui point of view – a partnership symbol (a family picture, two hearts in a bowl, etc.) placed in the southwest can provide excellent support. But here, too, I would like to ask you:

“What are YOU doing to find a new partner or keep your relationship alive and fresh?”

Perhaps you see the pattern I’m pointing toward here. What role are YOU willing to take when it comes to realizing your visions, dreams and opportunities?

If you feel a tingling in your fingers, stop reading and write down your ideas and impulses. These can be fundamental milestones in bringing your dreams into reality.

Certainly, my beautiful indoor fountain helped bring new opportunities into my life! Yet, this alone isn’t what brought me to where I am. It has taken much effort and untiring work. I am so grateful for the opportunities that came my way. And when they did, I knew it was MY turn to seize that chance, so I could accept it and bring it into reality.

And in doing so, I entered my new territory 🙂

Feng Shui and your spaces can do EVERYTHING for you; however, we are fortunate enough to live in a world where you can take empowered action and live your life with abundance and prosperity. Even if it is uncomfortable sometimes – which, luckily, isn’t always the case!

With that in mind, I send you so much love and inspiration.

Love Danijela