Danijela Saponjic Unfolding Space Ausbildung, School of Spiritual Design Space Healing Danijela Saponjic Unfolding Space Ausbildung, School of Spiritual Design Space Healing
School of Spiritual Design

Did you know you can transform your Spaces to Ignite Prosperity, Positivity and Well-being? Here’s how…

SpaceActivation Training

Dear Visionary,
You can master your life and activate its potential to make all your goals, dreams and desires a reality. I am here to guide you on an incredibly transformative journey.

Imagine this …


  • Experience newfound prosperity in all aspects of their life as they unlock the pathways to success and attract abundance and opportunities as they align their lives with their dreams and goals.
  • Feeling a new and profound sense of serenity and harmony as they step into their newly transformed home and lives with purpose and passion.
  • Embracing a new heightened intuition and spiritual connection to themselves and their spaces throughout the journey of awakening their inner wisdom and intuition to empower their lives and homes.
  • Experiencing the joy and excitement of witnessing the powerful vibrational shifts as they clear stagnation and activate their spaces with boundless energy.
  • Experience a renewed self-confidence that comes with aligning and activating their lives and spaces—a sense of pure freedom and possibilities.
  • Experience increased productivity and clarity in their professional lives with a newly aligned workspace supporting creativity and success.

You struggle with a chaotic, disorganised living space that obstructs productivity and positivity—causing stress and draining energy. You feel overwhelmed and emotionally drained, and imbalanced in some way.

You feel stuck in an endless cycle of negativity, financial or career struggles, and personal relationship issues—maybe feel frustrated and hopeless.

Constant feelings of lethargy or feeling unwell, as the energy of your living environment seems to create a state of imbalance and low energy, making it hard for you to feel vibrant, alive, and happy.

A lack of true purpose and passion, with no direction in life—leads to feelings of unfulfillment and a desire for a more meaningful existence. Struggling to break free from negative patterns etc.

What former Students of our School have achieved

Through our work with Danijela, my husband and I have found our niche. We are looking forward to everything that comes our way! When I started my training, I was longing for my former energy. I was often tired, exhausted, and demotivated.

Feng Shui and the associated magic had interested me for a long time; I just wanted a change in life. I found Danijela through a recommendation from a friend who had read one of her books. What am I grateful to Danijela for? I have more life energy, motivation, and willingness to make decisions, and above all, I am back on my life’s path.

How would you describe the certification in three words?
“Very flexible / Uncomplicated / Energizing”

Ariane Frey
Enerchi Feng Shui

Throughout the training, I was able to gain so much clarity. I recognized what my actual needs were and thus brought more harmony into my partnership. A year and a half ago, I thought we were about to break up; today, my husband and I have a new level of closeness and are planning to build something professionally together. Before the apprenticeship, I often felt like I was running on a hamster wheel. My work no longer fulfilled me – I was looking for a job with more meaning and joy.

In the future, I will continue practising Feng Shui and energy work to make a difference and help people feel better and balanced. In addition to my job, my husband and I will set up new projects together. Thanks to the training, I now have the tools and the courage to do so. One of the most fulfilling results is my tremendously boosted self-esteem and pride in completing this certification!

How would you describe the certification in three words?
“Captivating / Touching / Energetic”

Jana Kulle

For several years, I had been looking for a meaningful job that would allow my personal potential to flow into it. It was a kind of inner knowing, a sense that there was more than walking an ordinary path and just perceiving what the mind and eyes see.

Danijela’s personal story, entrepreneurial success, and publications convinced me to do the certification. I immediately booked the Feng Shui training and her “junk-free” course!

The fact that it was digital and via Zoom was perfect for me during Corona times. In addition to the exciting training content, I found the Zoom evenings with the personal support and exchanges within the group to be of great enrichment. The relationship of trust with Danijela and her inspiring recommendations for literature was particularly special to me.

I now believe…EVERYTHING is possible! I had this feeling and, at the same time, the proof when I proudly held my certificate in my hands. A short time after completing the training, I experienced conscious changes when applying my new knowledge. I now always take a collection of pillows with me for my customers – so they can feel the shift directly!

How would you describe the certification in three words?
“Togetherness / Growth / Trust”

Andrea Leis
Testimonial Maren Göttle

With a child and my own business, I would not have been able to do this training if it had not been digitized. The course knowledge is presented so well, and I can watch each video multiple times. After the first four lessons, I already feel enlightened. 1000 thanks for that!

Agnieszka Mese
Testimonial Agnieszka Mese

This was the most enriching training I have ever done! I couldn’t have imagined how much I would have grown within this framework, so much more than I did from my previous professional studying. I feel more mature and self-confident and have experienced new possibilities and tremendous lightness in my life since completing the course.

Before the apprenticeship, it was unclear what and where I wanted to go. I knew I wanted Feng Shui to become part of my life. In the many books I had read on the subject, I found conflicting information and had so many questions. Danijela was able to clarify everything and answer these for me.

Why did I choose this training? When we spoke, the chemistry was just right! Danijela has created a wonderful, familiar environment, resulting in lasting friendships.

How would you describe the certification in three words?
“Confidence / Fun /Enriching on many levels”


I signed up for the apprenticeship because of the search and desire for more meaning, joy, ease, and change. Where this path would lead me was completely open, I wanted to invite something new into my life with Feng Shui. The training was a heart decision; the most significant result is that I now listen to my intuition more. I was also fascinated by the transformation that each of us experienced throughout the training.

Danijela gave us an excellent tool kit to begin our practice. I am happy to have learned so much and can now accompany people on their path with this knowledge.

How would you describe the certification in three words?
“Challenging / Inspirational / Transformative”

Katja Schwarz-Vukovic

During my Feng Shui training, I was on parental leave and could have easily returned to my online marketing work afterwards. I wasn’t sure when I started my apprenticeship whether I wanted to set up my own business. To be honest, I was afraid of this step. However, despite the uncertainty about my path and only commencing the training with Danijela out of pure curiosity – I received my first paid consulting job within a very short period!

After the first few lessons, I started using Feng Shui in my home. I didn’t have a website, business cards, or other promotional material at the time; however, guess what? Suddenly I had my first client: to advise a Qigong studio with an integrated TCM practice. It was fascinating when Feng Shui showed me its magic during this process, even though I didn’t feel ready yet.

How did I do that? I often tell interested people about my training, give tips, and describe the possible results. The rest of the support and motivation comes from the training group and, of course, from Danijela herself.

Carolin Ostendorf

My attitude at the beginning of the apprenticeship was more about landing one or two jobs. I acquired four paid Feng Shui clients during the training and gained my first business Feng Shui consultation immediately after graduation. I had neither a website nor a social media strategy – so, I thought, how could I achieve this? I took the impulses that I received from Danijela to heart and just shared my enthusiasm for what I do.

Stefanie Kovacic
Testimonial Stefanie Kovacic

The training gave me the courage to look at my life, make a change and take on more responsibility. I wanted to do something with interest and joy, something for me, and I listened to my intuition.

After that, a new world opened up! What doesn’t fit anymore? What can I change to see more meaning in what I do and work with joy again? During the apprenticeship, I quit and built up my company. Feng Shui is a school of life, and it triggers so many different thoughts and ideas.

Florine Schmidt
Private Client Feng Shui Certification
Testimonial Florine Schmidt

If you had told me a few years ago what I would be doing today, I would have said no!

How did you come across Danijela? “I just found her appealing. Her book, in particular, was decisive for me. It gave me so many tips, and after our conversation, I just knew she was the right person!”

What would you advise someone who is considering working with Danijela? “Do it!!!”

Heike Steuermann

Become a Feng Shui Expert and begin earning while gaining knowledge.

Upon reaching a significant milestone in your training, you will have the opportunity to commence conducting consultations and establishing your business. After the completion of your training program, I will personally grant you your well-deserved certification. From that point forward, you will be ready to launch your business, ensuring it is harmonized, and dedicated to making a positive impact on the world.

Learn Your Craft and Become Independent of Space and Time

I’ll teach you the tools that make an excellent Feng Shui Consultant without using computers or complicated programs. With your Feng Shui Compass, you’ll be able to work from any location and help clients from all corners of the world.

Online Training and Coaching

I will provide comprehensive guidance throughout the entire process. The Certification course is accessible within our Membership Area.

Our commitment to your success is paramount, which is why we dedicate ample time to deliver focused coaching on your business and conduct thorough evaluations to ensure you are well-equipped to embark on your journey as a prosperous Feng Shui consultant. Furthermore, we offer spiritual support along your path by introducing and instructing you in the principles and practice of Taoism and meditation, fostering personal and professional grounding and growth.

Finding Your Unique Niche

By learning how to unfold space with Feng Shui, you will have a unique edge in your business. Whether you’re a coach, healer, interior designer, or real estate agent, you will see the opportunities that no one else in your field does – making your work and skills extremely valuable to thousands of clients.

20 years
of experience

How This Feng Shui Certification Came Alive

With twenty years of conducting more than a thousand Feng Shui consultations and teaching hundreds of students to run their 5-and 6-figure businesses, my experience is a crucial part of your journey to becoming a successful Feng Shui Consultant. Therefore, I share my wins, losses, and mistakes with you; to help you learn and grow as practitioners.

Over the last two decades, each client has brought me new experiences that allowed me only to use the ancient strategy of Feng Shui; to integrate a more profound way of listening using intuition, heart, and soul. This philosophy forms the framework and basis of my teaching – bridging science and spirituality.

It was in 2012 that my calling to start sharing my knowledge with the world became apparent. I felt that humanity was ready to receive a new kind of spirituality, and I was grateful to see that many old spiritual practices like Ayurveda or TCM were on the rise.

Today, attending yoga or meditation classes and having acupuncture treatments is the new normal. Yet still, the influence of our space was left out when creating healthy and prosperous lives and businesses. I knew that I needed to start connecting the dots, raising awareness around the importance of your environment, and teaching others how to unfold the hidden potential of space.

That’s when this certification course was born — and since then, numerous Feng Shui consultants have successfully trained and received certification from me.

Our Feng Shui community has fully supported these incredible humans on their path to transforming their lives, building successful businesses, and connecting to their true selves.

Testimonial Friederike Rollmann

I still celebrate daily the fact that I can work independently, dividing my day freely and processing orders when I want. I look forward to my work every morning, which makes me so happy!

During my training, I found it extremely useful to learn how to best support our clients. Today, I receive great feedback from people who can now recharge their batteries at home and in their rooms. What could be nicer?”

I am very grateful to Danijela for always saying: “Do it! Jump, trust!”.

Friederike Rollmann
Feng Shui Certification

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Danijela Saponijc
if you feel
the calling. . .

Reconnect, ignite and further your passion for design, space, and spirituality.

Learn how to coach your clients back to an inner connection with themselves, enriching their hearts, families, lives and environment with newfound energy and perspective. See yourself and others soar with the ancient art of Feng Shui.

Love to join the waitlist?


During our six-month Feng Shui Certification program, you will dive deep into the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui, learning how to apply this philosophy to your life and the lives of your future clients.

Module 1 – Foundations

Learn the ancient wisdom and philosophy of Feng Shui, bringing this knowledge into your home and integrating the principles of Qi flow. You will begin applying the practices of Feng Shui to your life.

Module 2 – Landscape in Detail

Understand how the environment around the house (nature, landscape, cities, and other homes) affects the people in the house. We don’t just look at the house itself — we look at landscapes and how Qi flows in landscapes. Learn how this influences the houses so you get a much wider understanding of nature’s laws.

Module 3 – Compass in Detail

You can begin consultations with clients! You will be able to use the Feng Shui Compass to deepen your observations and accurately help with interior design, such as helping your clients with color choices suitable for specific rooms. Through this connection and working with the elements, you’ll get even more strength in your
practice to provide more profound transformations.

Module 4 – The BAGUA

Apply the Bagua system accurately for your clients to activate specific areas of their life for more success in health, relationships, wealth, creativity, and career.

Module 5 – Feng Shui and Design

You’ll learn ideas and techniques to craft an extraordinary experience for your clients. Learn to read and draw floor plans in alignment with your client’s style. You’ll end this module knowing how to present your consultation in a way where it is holistic and professional.

Module 6 – Feng Shui and Business

Apply your Feng Shui knowledge to businesses (not just homes) and learn how to lead consultations for offices and retailers such as coffee shops, restaurants, and stores. You’ll learn the principles of negotiation and how to help people be more financially abundant, have solid businesses and careers, and have a healthy money flow.

Module 7 – Business Feng Shui

Learn how you build your Feng Shui business. Basic principles of marketing, copywriting, how to present to your clients, and how to get your first clients. Solidify your niche, message, ideal clients, or target group and how to pitch high-ticket consultations. You’ll learn the ins and outs of starting and building an abundant Feng Shui business.

Module 8 – SpaceHealing Basics

How to touch the heart of the space.

After six months, you will turn in your Certification Paper for review. I will provide
detailed feedback so that you graduate feeling 100% confident in your business.

Your certification includes – an overview

  • Feng Shui Training – containing videos and detailed studying materials
  • Mandatory assignments and voluntary exercises
  • Business coaching on how to start your business
  • Find your voice as a Feng Shui Consultant
  • Learn how to connect with your future clients
  • Practice how to write your handouts
  • Receive your final certification
if you feel
the calling. . .

… to reconnect you to your purpose and passion around design, space, and spirituality and bring your clients back into their connection with themselves, their hearts, family, and the environment; then Feng Shui is the greatest tool to carry in your toolbelt.

The core of our Feng Shui Certification is based on mindfulness, awareness, and the practical experience of two decades. While working together will activate your spiritual gifts and help you build your passion and purpose-driven business so that you can step into the power of creating your life in every aspect.

Love to join the waitlist?

How do I apply for the Certification Program?

Once you fill out the application, we will get back to you within 48 hours.
If I see that it’s a fit you will be invited to a decision making call with Danijela.

Is this Certification right for me?

Joining our School of Spiritual Design to become a certified Feng Shui Expert is by application only. Having basic knowledge about spiritual practices like Feng Shui is a plus but not necessary. If you’ve read about the Certification and are feeling a calling, I invite you to apply so that we can meet and see if this Certification is the right one for you.

When does the next Certification start?

Early Spring 2023

How much time will I need to dedicate to the program?

15 – 20 hours per month.

How are we going to stay connected during the certification?

There are two live calls every month and a private Facebook group for Q&A and support.

How are the live coaching calls conducted?

All sessions are hosted via Zoom. These sessions are recorded so that if you cannot attend live, you can access the recording anytime. You will have the opportunity to participate in 18 live calls throughout your certification.

Can I benefit from the program even if I miss the live calls?

Absolutely! You can download the recordings of all sessions on our membership site, so you never need to worry about missing live calls. You can also engage with our tribe in the private Facebook group.

Will I have lifetime access to the materials?

Yes! You will have life-long access to the membership site and enjoy all the teachings, meditations, and additional materials. You will be able to return to the teachings repeatedly throughout the different stages of your business.

What is the investment, and are payment plans available?

Your investment is $6000.
If you pay in full, you will save $ 1000.

We offer 2 options for a payment plan:
Option 1: Three payments of $ 2000
Option 2: Six payments of $ 1050

Danijela Saponjic Feng Shui und Spacehealing, Consultation Feng Shui
if you feel
the calling. . .

Reconnect, ignite and further your passion for design, space, and spirituality.

Learn how to coach your clients back to an inner connection with themselves, enriching their hearts, families, lives and environment with newfound energy and perspective. See yourself and others soar with the ancient art of Feng Shui

Love to join the waitlist?