Danijela Saponjic Unfolding Space Ausbildung Danijela Saponjic Unfolding Space Ausbildung
School of Spiritual Design

SpaceHealing is activating hidden potential and unfolding opportunities.


October 14th – 20th, 2023, Bali

Imagine… you are part of a select group of healers, enhancing the lives of people worldwide, as you transform the spaces where they live and work. This is the power of SpaceHealing.

Our Earth Has a Past

…of pain, negativity, joy, evolution and everything in between. A history on which we have built our homes and our offices. Where we’ve created spaces to live and raise our children. This past is influencing our present lives. We benefit from the good vibrations carried in the earth but we’re also impacted by the negative ones. These negative energies, which we’re totally unaware of, are keeping us from tapping into our true power. From grabbing the opportunities life has to offer us. Space Healing clears these negative energies so the healing and enhancing influences from mother earth can provide us with life energy, love and lightness.

does this sound
like you?

You’re a Feng Shui Expert, healer, landlord, architect, or property manager, and you’re looking to bring more depth and spirituality to your passion for creating spaces.

You enjoy your work as a Feng Shui Consultant… but you constantly feel like there is a missing link — something that will bring your work to the next level and make a real impact.

You have a deep desire to create spaces where your clients feel vital and alive…where their environment supports them to reach their highest potential.

Although you know you have a talent or passion, standing out in the market of Feng Shui consultants and healers is daunting… you need something truly unique that will set you apart.

You have a deep desire to create spaces where your clients feel vital and alive…where their environment supports them to reach their highest potential.

Our SpaceHealing Certification is a high end advanced training. It is designed for spiritual teachers, healers, coaches, guides, and real estate agents who want to take their practice to a deeper level than ever before, expand their businesses, and touch the lives of their clients. This Certification will create profound changes in your own life and in the lives of all your clients. It is designed to bring alignment and abundance on every level.

what you are
going to learn

What You Will Learn In The SpaceHealing Certification

  • Learn techniques to activate the energy of the space, and bring mother earth back to its natural state, so that you can be supported and nourished by the natural earth energy and create a thriving life and business.
  • Develop a naturally increased awareness and ability to see spiritual connections and life opportunities which were previously hidden from you.
  • Learn rituals to activate the energy of the space, Mother Earth the healing, love and attention she deserves in return for her fully supporting us and keeping us alive.
  • You will learn a technique that only a few people worldwide master which will enrich your life, your work, and your customers many times over.
  • Learn to create beautiful altars and how you can use various tools to move and transform energies.
  • Discover meditation techniques that will allow you to connect with the house or property, and see what has happened in the past to cause the negative energy.
  • Learn rituals to permanently heal and clear space.
Danijela Saponjic Feng Shui und Spacehealing

How this SpaceHealing Certification came to be

When Feng Shui crossed my path I fell immediately in love with it. I loved bringing the life energy (Qi) into flow to transform the homes and offices of my clients. But although I loved my work, I found that at times, my Feng Shui still wasn’t creating the results I wanted. Something was missing….

I opened my heart and curiosity to what MORE was possible… Eventually, through my spiritual exploration, I discovered my gift to connect with the energy and the soul of a space or land. From this point on, I let my intuition guide me into the new field of space and energy activation.

First, I created a method to connect with the soul of the space through focused meditations and rituals. I then developed a technique to heal the old energies in the environment so they no longer affect the current lives in these places and activate the potential holding energies for a better flow of life, intuition, and abundance.

After co-creating outstanding outcomes for my client through my work in, 2017 I decided to start teaching SpaceHealing so that many people can use this knowledge to create extraordinary lives and businesses. Later I named the work I was doing SpaceHealing.

what people
are saying

A week in Bali at a beautiful location combined with Danijela’s training and all the incredibly nice people – has taken me to my limits and beyond in the most positive sense! It was a wonderful time, which will forever remain in my memory and is guaranteed to have a lasting effect on my work as a Feng Shui expert.

Heike Steuermann

The SpaceHealing training is a beautiful, heart-touching experience. I got in touch with new levels of consciousness — to nature, mother earth and the universal loving energy.
With love, humility and care, Danijela taught and passed on the science of healing the earth. I’m looking forward to attending another training in the future.

testimonial Daniela L.

The SpaceHealing training is full of power, enriched with morning Qigong practice and daily meditations. Danijela, you have passed on your immense knowledge and prepared us to start work immediately as SpaceHealers. I personally and spiritually grew tremendously in the seven days. Thank you!

Testimonial Sabine Abler

Bali – The Location

Bali is called the “Island of the Thousand Temples”. According to culture and religion, gods are present in all appearances. Everything in nature has its own power that reflects the power of the gods. Clarification and healing rituals are deeply rooted in the culture. An energy that supports and promotes spiritual growth.

The seminar venue is located near the city of Ubud, which is considered the cultural center of Bali and home to the most important temples in the region. Our Retreat Center – the Hotel Atta Mesari – is perfectly nestled between lush green rice fields and a beautiful river valley. The SpaceHealing training will take place in the open Yoga Shala, which is surrounded by beautiful nature. So we will connect in the middle of nature, with the pure energy of Mother Earth.

This place is the optimal environment to learn to grow spiritually and let go so that after this magical week we start not only with new knowledge in everyday life but also with a new view of life.

are you ready…

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This is included:

  • 6 Modules of Feng Shui Training containing videos and detailed studying materials
  • Mandatory assignments and voluntary exercises
  • 2 online Q&A calls each month
  • Business coaching on how to start your business
  • Receive a simple structure and flow for your Consultation
  • Find your voice as a Feng Shui Consultant
  • Learn how to connect with your future clients
  • Understand basic marketing approaches
  • Practice how to write your handouts
  • Receive your final certification
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