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Danijela Saponjic Feng Shui und Spacehealing
Danijela Saponjic
CEO & Founder

Danijela is the creative visionary and driving force behind Unfolding Space; she is the
heartbeat of what we do. As a Spiritual Advisor and Mentor, she has dedicated herself to
supporting your journey towards unfolding your hidden potential.

Unfolding Space Team Daniela Walter
Daniela Walter
Team Manager & personal Assistant to Danijela

Daniela manages the team and is Danijela’s master implementer. She turns ideas into reality by overseeing all the behind-the-scenes steps and details that need to happen.
Unfolding Space Team Carolin Ostendorf
Carolin Ostendorf
Social Media & Copywriting

Carolin helps manage Danijela’s Facebook group as well as her Instagram appearance. She also helps with copywriting and blog articles so that you can find the inspiration you need to start unfolding your inner and outer space.
Unfolding Space team Natasa Jovanovic
Natasa Jovanovic
School of Spiritual Design Trainer

Natasa is the School of Spiritual Design’s first trainer. She assists Danijela in running the school and supports the students in all organizational, personal and professional matters.
Unfolding Space Team Meike Günther
Meike Günther
Copywriter and Social Media

Meike helps Danijela seek out the best guests in the world for her podcast and secure fantastic press opportunities. If Danijela is speaking on a podcast, appearing on TV or talking to a journalist for an interview – Meike coordinated it and made it happen!