Danijela Saponjic Unfolding Space Beratung, Consultation Feng Shui Danijela Saponjic Unfolding Space Beratung. Consultation Feng Shui

Consultation Feng Shui

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The best way to attract prosperity, balance, and success into your life is by activating the energy of your space.

Do you feel that your career could be more successful, your life more balanced, and your health better; this may result from your home or office working against you and not for you. Founded more than 5000 years ago, Feng Shui helps us live a happy and balanced life by aligning the energy of our environment with us. In today’s fast-paced world, we often let our homes and offices become unbalanced – leading to missed opportunities in life just waiting there, right before us!

The impact of our environment on the flow of life is often overlooked. Therefore, on your path to making your life and career extraordinary, you must consider your environment. Your connection with your home and office holds a vital piece of your potential. It is your decision if you are ready to activate this power.

The impact of the environment on the flow of life is all too often overlooked.

Danijela Saponijc

Why Feng Shui?

Every person and every space is unique.Your office and business need a completely different approach and energy than your living spaces. While you need empowering business energy in your work environment, it’s all about creating an oasis of relaxation in your home, energizing your well-being to meet the challenges of everyday life.

The Benefits of a Feng Shui Consultation:

A Feng Shui consultation for your home focuses on meeting your needs and creating an atmosphere where you feel welcome. A place where you can be yourself and completely relax and let go. Through this change alone, you will attract success like a magnet.

A Business Feng Shui consultation focuses on the people working for and within the company and, of course, the company’s success. Business owners and employees who feel supported and satisfied, instead of exhausted after a day at the office, will positively influence the company and therefore increase its prosperity and success.



The Flow of Your Feng Shui Consultation



We’ll kick off your consultation with a deep conversation about your wishes, needs, and life vision. I’ll start taking notes during our meeting to capture our creative flow; however, this collection of ideas is open and can constantly be adapted and expanded as required.

The primary focus of the Feng Shui consultation is YOU. It’s more about tuning the space to your vision and new frequency. Therefore, I will respect and follow your style and not use standardized Feng Shui furnishing concepts that don’t align with your ideals.

In our second conversation, you will receive your unique Feng Shui consultation package containing your floor plans and handbook. Then we will discuss the recommendations in detail and make sure that they flow with your lifestyle.

It’s your turn now! Start transforming your home into your true Oasis. When you begin implementing the Feng Shui suggestions into your home or business, questions naturally occur, and I will be there along the way to support you through your transformation.

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Feng Shui is practiced by major businesses and celebrities such as BMW, Hilton Hotels, Nike, Disney, Tony Robbins, Oprah, Julia Roberts, George Clooney, and the Beckham family. They know the power Feng Shui holds in improving and sustaining a company’s success, cash flow, personal prosperity, and well-being.

People have been using this successful ancient spiritual science for hundreds of years. Why not use this proven Feng Shui principle to succeed in your own business?

love notes

Would you know that I’ve been hmm’ing and haww’ing for over a year going back-and-forth on whether to make certain renovations to my restaurant… wondering if it’s the right thing to do? if it will be worth the expense?

Just in this one afternoon, with Danijela I got so much clarity on which ideas to move forward with, which would actually work against my long-term goals, plus new ideas that I hadn’t even considered. I came with a list of very actionable items for how I could improve the workflow and enhance the prosperity of my restaurant space, and I was delighted by what immediate results I got.

Danijela couldn’t have come at a better time, I adore her calm collected presence and her incredible knowing spirit. It’s so cool how she comes from a totally spirit-driven esoteric place with incredibly practical advice.

I just have to say thank you, Danijela, for the curiosity that you’ve sparked in me and the light you’ve brought to my life.

Leanne Valenti
Austin, TX

Our conversation with Danijela was profoundly inspiring. Once we got home, we implemented the suggestions she gave us step by step — and we were AMAZED by the results. We got exactly what we were looking for. Our home has never felt so alive.

Danijela’s authenticity comes through in her work. It is a pleasure to listen to her and to talk with her about the life-changing power of Feng Shui.

I highly encourage others to work with Danijela. If you are on the fence… go for it!

Britta S.
Testimonial Sabine Abler

Ms Saponjic always had an open ear for me and my concerns. The documents that I received were extensive and very well explained. Our company has been open for over half a year, and the developments are incredibly positive, for which I would like to thank Ms Saponjic. I warmly recommend Ms Saponjic to anyone who has questions about living spaces. In addition to the necessary specialist knowledge, she has the sensitivity required for such a delicate and complex topic as opening a shop. Thank you very much!

Kim Sam
Feng Shui Business Consultation
Testimonial Kim Sam

I implemented each of Danijela’s recommendations. Everything was effortless to perform- yet very effective. Especially on a personal level, I feel a major change. The energy started to move in my life, and we now live with ease and joy. The most important thing for me is that I can enjoy life again. I LOVE our home and feel empowered.

Daniela L.
testimonial Daniela L.

Danijela’s compassionate, calm and creative nature, combined with the individually tailored Feng Shui advice and consideration of our wishes and ideas – led to a harmonious and completely satisfactory result. If you are looking for a competent and likable Feng Shui expert, you are in excellent hands with Danijela. We can recommend her wholeheartedly.

Family Fieldmann
Testimonial Familie Fieldmann
Danijela Saponjic Feng Shui und Spacehealing, Consultation Feng Shui
my vision for you is …

… to align your environment with your aspirations, goals, and vision; to thrive, attract more opportunities, tap into your power, and create the life and business you have always dreamt of.

Let’s find out if Feng Shui is the right path for your home or business.