“It’s time for women like us to step into our purpose and become true leaders in our industry.“

Danijela Saponijc
your private mentoring

Work that is leaving your legacy.

When was the last time you permitted yourself to focus on yourself, your business, and your
visions? If you’re a woman who wonders what else is possible for her business, lifestyle, and
relationships as the world reopens, I’m here. I am here to work with you to unfold your
potential and help you shift from where you are now to where you long to be. The power of private mentoring, personalized support and specific guidance is essential in receiving clarity on your vision, being held accountable, and finding true pleasure in your business. When working together, we will connect intuition with strategy and rebuild your business to serve you and your desired lifestyle instead of you serving your business.

You will be amazed to see and experience synchronicities in your business and your private life, which could not plan by any other strategy except the alignment of purpose, passion,
and vision.

I feel incredibly blessed to have the gift of seeing the energy which wants to come through in your business and how your business wants to be created. That’s why I’ve opened a limited number of private mentoring spaces. I cannot wait to share this gift and wisdom with a few women who know they are fully ready to unfold their potential.

Testimonial Julia Olympov

I can definitely say that mentoring with you is kind of a shortcut! It was difficult for me to recognize my blind spots on my own, but with Danijela’s support, they quickly became apparent, and I could start transforming them immediately.

I feel it is essential to be in the mentoring program for the entire six months, to work on the topics so that it “clicks”- permanently!

Julia Olympov
Private Mentoring

There are two different ways of working with me 1:1.

VIP Day is an excellent opportunity to kick off your transition and your uplevel or High-Level Mentoring to create your legacy.

vip day

A VIP Day is an excellent opportunity to kick off your transition and uplevel.

We base the flow of this special day’s schedule on your needs. When working together in this intimate mentoring, I will assist and support you in connecting strategy with your soul purpose and aligning your business to your desired lifestyle. From this clear-minded space, we will begin to map out how to position yourself for higher-end fees and clients, plan your next level of growth or create something entirely new. It is time to let go of something which is not lighting you up.

I host live VIP Days in Munich and Belgrade, but I may be travelling and available to meet
with you on occasion in major cities in the US. However, we can hold your VIP Day online.

How a VIP Day works…

Your VIP Day is a 3-week container.

Before we dive deep into our VIP Day, we will have a 90 minute -intention-setting session to clarify what we will work on and what needs to be shifted. Usually, you will come out of this call with an important assignment to complete before your VIP Day arrives. We will meet for your personal five-hour VIP Day in person or on Zoom a week later. Seven days after our session, we will have another 90 min call to go through your questions and assignments to support you further while you are implementing what we have worked on. During those three weeks, you will have full access to my guidance via Voxer.

vip day

Please follow the link below to complete this brief form if you feel the call. My team will review your application and invite you for a call if it fits.

Testimonial Corinna Bachmann

I realized two of my greatest values, self-determination and freedom! And now I do 90% of the things that I enjoy. The leap of faith made so many things possible for me. If someone is interested in training or mentoring, my advice is: to follow the impulse. You don’t have to know the outcome yet. That’s the magic of it. Steer the focus away from limitations such as: if I can spend so much money, do I not have to make more sales to afford it, etc. Everyone already knows and feels what the right thing is. You just have to dare to do it!

Corinna Bachmann
Unfolding Space Mentoring
Danijela Saponjic Feng Shui und Spacehealing
12 months

In our High-Level Mentorship, we recreate and rebuild your life and business.

It’s time for women like us to step into our purpose and become true leaders in our industry. While working one-on-one with me, prepare to be ushered into your new normal where synchronicities are always accessible and endless possibilities.

How do we work together in this twelve-month container:

In our full-day virtual private intensive, we will set the frame for our container, define your goals and work through the most critical areas of your life. To create a successful business, we will identify and claim your soul’s cravings to start living life on purpose and with purpose. We will have two 90 min zoom sessions per month throughout the program to keep you on track.

Unfolding Space Schriftzug immersion

By stepping into this high level container, you will

  • Receive personal attention and expert guidance from an influential mentor who will coach you to excellence and your biggest dreams.
  • Create a strong receiving feminine container and activate the masculine energy to take inspired action and turn your vision into reality.
  • Expand your wealth consciousness to align with the level of abundance required for your next-level life and desires.
  • Become the industry leader that you were destined to be. Impact the world and transform more lives than ever before as your influence elevates along with your wealth, power, and mindset.
  • Release what keeps you stuck and unfulfilled to begin attracting the opportunities meant for you.

You will unfold your potential and open yourself to limitless opportunities by stepping into this container.

12 months

If you feel called to complete this brief form, please go ahead, and my team will be in touch to see if it is a good fit for you.