“It is time to activate your next-level energy shift and ease into a field of new possibilities.“

Danijela Saponijc

Are you ready to stand up for your dreams and make them happen? If the answer is yes! Then this Mastermind is for you!

When you become clear on what you want to leave in the world and how you
want to support your clients to make their dreams come true, then

…you become limitless.
…you become unstoppable.
…you become a true leader in your industry.

Many of you do not become leaders in your industry simply because you do not do something about it! It is not that you don’t have a strategy or the ability to see what service is missing, or you don’t have incredible dreams and goals for your business and career – THE THING is that you do not act on it! You recognize what you would do differently, and you know that you have a special message to share, yet you do not listen to your intuition because you don‘t see the strategy.

Hell. SURE, you don‘t know the strategy because your dream, message, and genus are unique. When you step into your creative power, trust your intuition, and follow your dreams – a new and extraordinary path will unfold in front of you.

This is where Mentoring is instrumental. This is where I will support you.

Mentoring is for those who…

  • Are done playing small and hoping that strategies will do the work.
  • Are finished with comparing your business to others and feeling like you’re not achieving enough.
  • Are ready to stop outsourcing your power and reconnect to your creative and unique genius.
  • Are willing to master the energy and create a soul-driven business.
  • Are ready to manifest a 6-figure business.
  • Know that so much more is waiting for you, and now the time has come to embrace it fully.
  • Know they can go beyond 10 and 20k months; you just need high-level guidance.

How it works!


You’ll have an enrollment call with me or one of our team members, who will ensure this is perfect for you and your business. Once you’re enrolled, you’ll discuss with Danijela where you’re at and what your expectations are moving forward.


Our team will send you a personalized and customized orientation questionnaire and your welcome package. We will set up your 1:1 calls with Danijela. Make sure you are ready to take the steps toward your next level life and business.


You’ll spend the following nine months showing up, being held accountable, and focusing on optimizing every part of your business and life, so your business structure and energetics are ready to welcome big successes and growth.


You’ll walk away from this nine-month Mastermind with a clear vision of the future of your business and a whole network of like-minded, thriving, gorgeous and powerful entrepreneurs behind you to cheer you on!


  • The Mastermind course is a 9-month program that meets twice monthly for our Mentoring calls, including a once-a-month private deep dive call with Danijela.
  • Be revived and inspired at our luxury retreat held in a stunning place somewhere in Europe.
  • Voxer chat sessions are available for ongoing support and inspiration.
  • A surprise welcome package will come your way after you sign up.

What else?

  • There are only 10 spots offered for the most thriving, gorgeous, power ladies.
  • Spots will be given away on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Join by December 31th as prices will increase by 5k after January 1st.
  • Deposit + 1500 € per month
  • The next program starts on March 1st.

“I am dedicated to helping women build their businesses and accomplish their next level
shifts in their lives and careers.”

Danijela Saponijc
Unfolding Space Mentoring
Danijela Saponjic Feng Shui und Spacehealing
are you in?

Do you want to be one of only 10 ladies I will personally guide this year? We begin on March 1st.

you are so

By working alongside me for one month, Caroline let go of ingrained patterns and beliefs that had been holding her stuck for many years. Her energy and thoughts shifted from hoping that things would “work out somehow” to firmly knowing her vision and overcoming the obstacles which had prevented her from creating the business and life she desired, and a very nice side effect – her husband got the dream job he was waiting for! These blocked energies could shift because Caroline was ready to unfold and activate her creative energy.


Steffi transitioned from working as a part-time kindergarten teacher to being ready to quit her job and dive fully into her vision of creating her own business. “Be bold. Create your life!” is her new company’s motto!

After two months of working with me privately, she has shifted the stuck energy in her field. Her clients now gravitate towards her – through her new radiance and expression.

Testimonial Stefanie Kovacic
Unfolding Space Schriftzug manifesto

Let‘s learn and grow together rather than rushing back into the comfort zone. The place where you feel most uncomfortable is where your growth awaits you.

  • It is the very point when you can expand and recreate rather than replace and restrict.
  • Too many souls bunker down and hold on to dysfunctional lives and businesses, as for some reason, they want to hold on to and try to maintain a desperate life that, in essence, wants to break apart.
  • If your life is stretching, even breaking in some places, consider letting some of it die for it to be reborn!
  • Reinvent yourself, your behavior, and your potential. Perhaps, when everything about us falls apart, it may be time to grow into the space the broken pieces are making.

Welcome to the new way of Mentoring.